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Terms & Conditions 

1. Property Ownership & Responsibility

1.1 All equipment and hired items always remain the property of Eventfully  throughout your hire.

 1.2 By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that you are solely responsible for the hire items at all times throughout your hire, from delivery or collection of the items until you return the items or when they are accepted back by Eventfully.

2. Payment Terms

2.1 A non-refundable deposit of  50% is due upon booking. I booking is not confirmed  until the deposit has been received by us. A Invoice confirmation will be sent confirming your deposit payment upon acceptance and remaining payable balance.

The remaining 50% balance is due on the  date of hire/event, unless alternate payment option has been agreed beforehand.

 2.2 Unless full payment has been made , the agreed arrangement will not commenced ,and no service will be fulfilled  on the day of event.

3. Standard Hire Period

3.1 Unless specific arrangements have been made at the time of booking, all standard hires are based on one /1) day hire.


4 Cleaning of Items

4.1 Upon completion of hire,all equipment must be properly wiped down by you due to the current Covid regulations . Please do not use any cleaning products on our props/items as this can cause damage.

Balloons, flowers or any form of decoration that was not supplied with the hire equipment needs to be removed before we collect the items.

4.2 Cake stands provided as an extra hire should be wiped down with a microfibre cloth that is a little damp and then dried with a dry towel. All dessert residue must be removed from the cake stands. Do not wash cake stands under the sink as this will damage the cake stands entirely.

4.3 No vinyl or signage should be placed on any products, otherwise a chargeable fee  will be charged to hirer.

5 Balloon Styling/Decor

5.1 We may use damage- free Command hooksTM to secure your balloon installation to the wall. We will not be liable for any damage caused before during or after the balloon installation.

5.2 We are not responsible for any guests, party members,  who may inhale air/helium from balloons or decide to deliberately pop balloons.Any issues regarding to this matter will be fully investigated. 

5.3 All Balloon installations will be positioned in the best possible area away from the least amount of disruption for health and safety reasons. We will not accept responsibility for any accidents caused by all members of the function Any moving, hitting or interfering with the balloon décor is prohibited 🚫 

5.4 We will not dismantle and discard of the balloons after your event, unless specified and agreed at time of booking. Disposable of balloons remains your responsibility.

6 Liability

6.1 If full Payment is are not paid by the date of the booking, we hold no responsibility to provide the hire and hold no liability in this circumstance.


We are a Certified Bapia Ltd Member that holds a Public Liability Insurance in place.Any documents required please email for proof-Policy Number -GENE-COMM273

Combined Liability Insurance Pen Underwriting

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